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Trinidad and Tobago Says ‘Hell No’ to Local Dancehall in Carnival

Fans of Soca are up in arms over one artist’s demand that local dancehall acts be included in the Carnival lineup. Trinidad Killa spoke out on the issue during a radio interview on Wednesday morning in Trinidad, saying that Trinidad and Tobago’s people are being hypocritical.

Over the past week, there has bee much debate on air and online, as to whether there should be a general acceptance of what has been coined “local dancehall” at carnival fetes. The uproar has been denounced by radio personality, Tim Tim of Red 96.7FM. He doubles up as an artist and a promoter, hosting his children’s event, DizWeLand, annually. Speaking on the issue, he said while he has no problem with the local dancehall movement, outside of carnival, the culture of Trinidad and Tobago is and always will be Soca and Calypso music, and as such, the focus in carnival should ultimately remain on these globally unique genres.

Comments online have condemned the artist’s statement.

Interviewed on Boomchampions 94.1FM on Wednesday morning, Trinidad Killa said Soca music is losing its essence and argued that soca artistes are afraid to lose their ground. He said it was hypocritical of society to denounce local dancehall and ask him not to sing ‘Gunman in She Hole’ at fetes. “Sometimes I does lie down in my bed and cry,” he said, when asked about how he feels when promoters demand that he resort to singing only his Soca track, “Dyy Zess.”

Today, in an online poll conducted by Power102FM, on the hot topic, over 2000 people have voted against ‘Local dancehall’ being played by DJs or sung by artistes at Carnival fetes. One person commented, “Do they play Soca in Reggae Sunsplash? NO!!!” Another person said, “Who want dancehall during OUR carnival season could go Jamaica! Caribbean Airlines available to them.”

“Soca artistes have such a short period in Trinidad to push their music because we all know after carnival, soca done for most people. So NO to dancehall at Carnival events.” – Social Media comment.

Preedy agrees with Trinidad Killa.

Soca artist, Preedy has however agreed with Trinidad Killa’s statement, arguing that “music is music and local is local.” He went on to state that it matters not whether it’s soca or dancehall, it’s all a part of Trinidad and Tobago. “Instead of fighting it, which only makes it bigger, let’s figure out how we can all benefit from it,” he said.

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Comment by nicole zamora on February 9, 2020 at 3:25pm
Comment by TRIPLE-X on February 9, 2020 at 5:17am
I am t Triple-x I say no as a matter of fact HELL No keep dancehall for sunsplash I live in USA and they don't even play soca in their party I play for 99.9 blaze radio we play reggae they have their radio station and and don't play soca so I say hell NO
Comment by Anderson M Brewster on February 9, 2020 at 12:46am

I have to agree with the individual that mentioned soca is trini and dancehall is Jamaica. Why have we entertained dancehall in carnival, dancehall can be played in fetes but to have it so close to soca is out of the question. Two different countries people.

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