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  • The most important tip I can give to you is to plan ahead. From your flight, hotel, band/costume, fete tickets and local transport… you MUST plan well in advance to not only get discounted prices (flight, hotel etc) but to ensure that you secure tickets for fetes, costumes etc. Start as early as June/July of the previous year. So if you plan on going in 2018, start June 2017.

  • LEAVE your inhibitions at home. Go with one thought – HAVE FUN! You will see people of every race, body size/shape and age having ‘ah time’ as locals would say. Join in!

  • If you’re playing MAS, reserve at least 2 days after Carnival Tuesday to regroup and recover. You will be going non stop for at least 5 days (with little sleep, lots of adult beverages and 100% of that time you’ll be on your feet – dancing). Securing a spot in the popular all-inclusive bands can be tricky and expensive, but well worth it.

  • Try to do your currency exchange at the airport (Piarco International) when you arrive. Not only do you get a better rate for local Trinidad and Tobago dollars, you’ll find that local banks work weird hours and with thousands of foreigners visiting, there will be LONG lines.

  • Attend an all-inclusive fete. You pay one price and all the food, liquor (top shelf stuff) and live entertainment is yours to enjoy ALL night. But do pace yourself, it’s easy to go crazy with the unlimited drinks.

  • Attend a cooler fete. This is a rather cheap way to fete (be in a LARGE party) without having to break the bank. You’re allowed to fill a cooler with drinks of your choice and bring it into the party. For those of you with no cooler, there will be  a paid bar. I would recommend getting a cooler with wheels!

  • Secure tickets for some of the more traditional stuff. like Pan finals, a stick fight, a calypso tent, King and Queen of Carnival (Dimanche Gras) etc.

  • Try to visit a Pan Yard (home base of a pan band) and Mas Camp (studio where mas costumes are made).

  • Besides playing mas, you MUST be part of J’ouvert. For maximum fun, security and no-worries, I’d suggest registering in an all-inclusive band. Another time when your costume, security on the road, booze, food and music will be all covered with one price. Be prepared for mud, paint and pure craziness!

  • Sunscreen, drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes, leave all valuables at home, be prepared for LOUD music, don’t drink and drive, reserve a day for the beach and as mentioned from the start.. leave ALL inhibitions at HOME!

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