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“Spicemas Celebrations” director calls on music pirates to become legitimate entrepreneurs


Grenada launched its annual “Spicemas Celebrations” over the weekend with a call on music pirates to comply with the laws and standards within the music industry.

¨Stop pirating, buy and sell original music from the artiste, by doing you will become legitimate business men and woman, ¨ said Isha Antoine-Andrews, the Calypso and Soca Director at Spicemas Corporation.

Antoine-Andrews, who is also the island’s representative on the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation (ECCO) board of directors, said that it was also imperative for local artiste to be registered with the copyright organization in order to protect their work.

“To all artistes protect your work by copyrighting it, the easiest means of proof of ownership, she said, adding “history was made this year when we the artistes, finally decided to put our differences behind us and come together as one after 13 years of separation and infighting among ourselves.

“As we move forward we look to the future with great optimism, a vision to succeed and maximise the opportunities and benefits that we have ahead of us.

“We can no longer sit back and relax, but we must follow in the footsteps of persons like Ajamu, Tallpree, Baby Killer and all the others who have made inroads in the international market of entertainment,¨ she added.

Grenada’s Carnival celebration is being held under the theme “Uniquely rooted in our rich ancestral
traditions, Spicemas 2014… an Explosion of Calypso and Soca¨. It ends on August 5.


Richly rooted in our traditions, Spicemas is known best for its Traditional mas where our Cultural Icons come alive on the streets of Grenada. Our Shortknee, Vieux Corp, Wild Indian, Maypole, Moko Jumbies and our Jab Jab have taken center stage in many events locally and internationally. Spicemas is home to our own Pretty mas where masqueraders take to the streets in bedazzling costumes to parade the streets of St George’s. Monday night mas unique to Grenada where revelers take part in lighting up the streets with multi coloured accessories to wave to those watching and jump up to the sweet sounds of Soca music on the road on Monday Night.

Spicemas, the mecca of Calypso and Soca, is our theme for 2014. Grenada is the land of birth to many Icons in Calypso and Soca music such as The Mighty Sparrow, Inspector, Flying Cloud, Moss International, Tangler, Lady Cinty, African Teller, Smokey, Melody, King Ajamu, Soca Elvis, Randy Isaac, Super P, Scholar, Brother B, Tallpree and the Rolly Polly King Mr Killa.  Grenada’s unique music of Pan, Calypso and Groovy and Power Soca has great influence around the world. Grenada’s music has grown both regionally and internationally, Grenadian artists have been nominated and won awards internationally and performed on prestigious stages in Trinidad to Hollywood. This has brought many international eyes and ears Grenada’s way.

Spicemas is home to the most exciting events in the Caribbean, that tourist fly in especially to play ‘Jouvert’ which is described as the ‘best Jouvert in the world’ by experts. Spicemas events showcases the best of Soca in Soca Monarch, best of Calypso in the tents and Dimanche Gra. The Sweet sounds of pan music that fill Panorama to an amazing atmosphere. The streets of St Mark’s are transformed into a cultural hot spot for the ‘Traditional Mas Festival’. This year Queen show is back to add the glamour on Carnival Thursday. Pagent the ultimate display of Kings and Queen of the band will be judged on the road.

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