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Soka With Her Set to Transform the Face of Carnival

There’s word that women will be celebrated more than ever before in Carnival 2020. Women have always been the centre of attraction at Carnival and in 2020 it will be no different. With that in mind, carnival event powerhouse, Randy Glasgow Productions is set to unleash Soka With Her – a spankin’ new fete experience that’s ultimately going to change the Carnival vibe.

Glasgow’s team says the event will showcase Soca’s top tiered festival makers while also providing a platform for new and upcoming Soca hotties. New York City based Leonce Taylor, of the Request Band is set to make her big stage debut in T&T, at Soca With Her, something that will likely propel her to the next level in her soca career.

Soka With Her takes place on February 7th at the National Stadium in Port-of-Spain- Carnival’s Homebase. Among the big names set to bring the stage action are Nadia Batson, Fay Ann Lyons, Destra Garcia, and Patrice Roberts among many others. Glasgow says DJs and superstar artistes from across the Caribbean region, will delight fans of soca who’ll be stopping in T&T for the Greatest Show on Earth in 2020.

Nadia Batson, who’s been having a hell of a year and has already released approximately three new singles for C2K20, says she’s excited to bring her A game to Soka With Her. “Women have always provided that spirited, vibrant spice in Carnival. I admire the women of Soca, not only the ones who are dominating the stage right now, but the ones who came before us as well. I’ll be performing at “Soka with Her” alongside my all female band, Sass. I’m always excited to showcase female musicianship, so you can expect nothing but pure energy,” said the ‘FATT’ singer.

The event will feature a select cast of male soca artistes to compliment the show, assured Glasgow, explaining that the event will be everything patrons look forward to at carnival and then some. “Get ready for something really special. We’re pulling out the stops and bringing true entertainment to T&T again!”

For more details on Soka With Her, visit Facebook and Instagram, keyword Soka With Her.

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