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Pre-Carnival Event Will Have Hundreds Working Out To Soca

SWEAT IN the City is bringing its pre-carnival soca fitness extravaganza to London this Wednesday.

Andrea Wallace, the director of the fitness programme with a soca soundtrack, spoke to The Voice about why she’s excited about this year’s event.

“This is our third year now. We have already sold out and expect 250 to attend from all different walks of life, cultures and ages. We attract largely female participants to our events as they are mainly aerobics based but would love to have men come and take part too,” she said.

Wallace, 41, is a fitness instructor and a pro champion of the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Competition, which she took part in in 2017 in Los Angeles.

She said: “I came across WBFF on Instagram and what attracted me to them was that they had a carnival segment to their competition being a carnival lover myself. What I didn’t realise was how fit I had to be not to mention the amount of sweat it would produce.

SOCA WORKOUT: Organisers expect hundreds to attend the sold-out event

"I was the only English representative in the competition, which was daunting and exciting in equal measure, but the American ladies I competed with on the stage became my friends and I left finding something I loved to do.”

Wallace finished runner up in the European version of the competition but has now set her sights firmly on ensuring those coming to the pre-carnival soca fitness event have a good time.

“As well as having various soca artists singing while we work out, we’ll also have a live DJ, a drummer and four different instructors, myself included, getting the participants to jump up, dance and work up a sweat and have a good time," she said.

She added: "One of our sponsors is Diabetes UK, who will give a presentation about its causes and how it can be prevented or managed for those who have it. There is also a wellness lounge where a team of massage therapists give a complimentary 10-minute session for all those who attend. So in essence, there is something for everyone.”

FITNESS: Instructors at Sweat in the City's Pre-Carnival Workout

As for carnival itself, Wallace has her costume ready. “I’ll be on the Release the Riddim float and already have a big costume for the occasion which I’m excited about. It attracts diverse crowds and is a time which brings all the community together in good vibes and energy,” she said.

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Sweat in the City's Pre-Carnival Workout takes place on Wednesday 21 August at Bankside Vaults, Blackfriars, from 6pm-8pm.

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