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Kees Diefferenthaller has maintained the number one and number two spots on the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Top 20 Radio Play list for four weeks straight.

His contributions ‘Dear Promoter’ and ‘Boss Lady’ continues to heat of the charts, which is followed by Swappi and Ultimate Reject’s ‘Feeling It’ at number three, ‘Carry On’ by Patrice Roberts at number four and rounding out the fifth position is ‘More Sokah’ by Nailah Blackman.

On Monday, COTT released its list of the top 20 soca songs.

As the International Soca Monarch’s semi-finals looms, ISM released its semi-finalists for both the Power and Groovy categories, which takes place February 2 at the Arima Velodrome.

The Express went on the streets of San Fernando to find out from the public if they were satisfied with the list of semi-finalists.

While many people were happy with the selection, many were shocked that the man with the ‘zess’ Trinidad Killa did not make it into the semi-finals of ISM.

The semi-finalists in the Power category are:

1. Olatunji Yearwood

2. Neil ‘ Iwer’ George

3. Stephen ‘Shal’ Marshall

4. Quincy ‘Quin-c’ Chadee

5. Shertz ‘Problem Child’ James

6. Kellon & Kelson Ogiste aka Luni Spark & Electrify

7. Mical ‘Mical Teja’ Williams

8. Jardine ‘Jadel’ Legere

9. Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart

10. Devon ‘Lyrikal’ Martin

11. Jamar ‘Walkes’ Walkes

12. Akeem ‘Preedy’ Chance

13. Rubadiri ‘Chantwell’ Victor

14. Joel ‘Zan Zan Shot I’ Fevek

15. Akel ‘Trinidad Ghost’ McLean

16. Marlon ‘Prince George’ Duncan

17. Jivant Peters & Isa Abdullah aka Jboy and Issa

18. Greville ‘Greville’ Rogers

19. Kerlene Joseph & Leonce Taylor

20. Shaquille ‘Chingee’ Mark

21. Nigel Lewis

22. Jerome ‘Rome’ Precilla

23. Imani ‘Imani Ray’ Patterson

24. Oluwa Femi ‘Femi’ Baptiste

25. Richard ‘Macoy’ Valentine

26. Devon ‘Prophet Benjamin’ Samuel

27. Jesse ‘College Boy Jesse’ Stewart

28. Lawerence ‘ Mr Renzo’ Adams

29. Irvin ‘Blackie’ Blackman

30. Tim Tim & Rayzor

Semi-finalists for the Groovy category:

1. Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart

2. Addelon ‘Banjela’ Braveboy & Singing Sandra

3. Teddyson John

4. Alexi ‘Lexxi’ Brown

5. Shirlan ‘Skinny Banton’ George

6. Teddon ‘Teddy Rhymez’ Mark

7. Nicholas ‘Soca Trainer’ Prescott

8. Jesse ‘College Boy Jesse’ Stewart

9. Alliter ‘Rayzor’ McQuilkin

10. Osvald ‘Leadpipe’ Reid

11. Akeen ‘Preedy’ Chance

12. Leonce Taylor

13. Sean ‘Hey Choppi’ Padmore

14. Kevon ‘Yankee Boy’ Heath

15. Jardine ‘Jadel’ Legere

16. Omar ‘Marzville’ McQuilkin

17. Kerron ‘Kells’ Sutton

18. Stephen ‘Shal’ Marshall

19. Nicha ‘Nicha B’ Byron

20. Hance John

21. Asten Issac

22. Sherwin ‘M1’ Jeremiah

23. Imran ‘GI’ Beharry

24. Jerome ‘Rome’ Precilla

25. Junior ‘Mr Famous’ Noel

26. Kibwe Prescott

27. Andre ‘Ding Dong’ Houlder

28. Jumaane ‘Juby’ Cox

29. Shaquille ‘Chingee’ Mark

30. Kerry John

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