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WPC is sawdust, wood chips, bamboo shavings, rice husk, bran, peanut shells, cotton stalks and other plant biomass low fiber-based raw materials, the use of polymer chemistry and interfacial characteristics of filling modified plastics, mixed some the proportion of plastic binder, a special treatment process after molding reversible recycling,waterproof solid floor covering,out floor plastic sri lanka. covering a wide variety of products, form structurally diverse base material.

Main features:
1. raw material resources: its material portion of biomass waste utilization substantially, extensive sources, low value; plastic components do not ask, old and new material or mixture can be fully reflects the utilization and efficient use of resources . 2. Product plasticized: wood products for the whole artificial synthetic products, randomly adjust the product technology and formulations according to the requirement to produce different properties and shapes, the utilization rate of close to 100% of their profiles. 3. The use of environmentally friendly technology: wood / plastic base material and wood materials commonly used additives are environmentally safe, nontoxic, its production process does not produce toxic side effects, so the humans and the environment shall not constitute in any combination risk register. 4. The cost of economy: wood products plant materials to achieve low-cost high-value-added products transfer pump, not only low maintenance costs, and product life several times in the course of timber,plastic basement flooring,inexpensive patio floors. comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages. 5. Recycling: the wood products and recycling scrap material waste can be 100% recycled, and will not affect product performance, can truly achieve "reduction, renewable, resource," the cycle of economic model to .

1. Building materials: comprises a substrate, the whole door, siding, flooring and decorative materials series; 2. Outdoor facilities include: fencing, flooring, columns, handrails and other categories of products; 4. Transport facilities: There are fences, partitions, wall, badges and so on; 5. Furniture: a major wardrobe, cupboard, table, flower and so on. With the dwindling natural resources of timber,exterior wood plastic floor cover. wood products and the market demand for ever increasing, in time, a huge market demand will eventually domestic WPC door wide open. This is an inevitable trend in the future.

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