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DOMFESTA 2020, Carnival Gopwell in Dominica postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus

The Cultural Division has made a decision to cancel all Domfesta events for 2020.

“Because of concerns over the Coronavirus and based on recommendations from our ministry, the Cultural Division has decided to cancel all our Domfesta events scheduled to be held in May this year, including our Domfesta song contest,” Chief Cultural Officer Raymond Lawrence said during an interview on State-Owned Radio DBS.

According to Lawrence, the Cultural Division is playing its role in preventing any spread of the virus.

He said the Division encourages all Dominicans to stay calm, “to strengthen our bonds of unity and look out and care for each other; being kind and compassionate are also important parts of our culture.”

The Chief Cultural Officer added, “We are all in this together, so we need to take all necessary precautions until this pandemic has disappeared altogether.”

Lawrence apologizes to all those who were planning to participate in the various events.

Meantime, one of the island’s major events, Carnival Gopwell Volume 2 has also been postponed.

This announcement was made by Organizer of the Event Dane ‘Danejahdane’ Smalling.

“Because of the pandemic state the world is presently in due to COVID-19 we have no choice but to postpone the 2nd Annual Carnival Gopwell to a later date when normalcy is reinstated,” Smalling said.

He encouraged the public to take precautions and practice good hygiene.

“Wash your hands, follow protocols and listen to your health officials,” Smalling stated.

Grammy award-winning artiste Mikayla Simpson, also known as “Koffee”, was expected to be in Dominica for the first time with her band to perform at the event scheduled for Saturday 25th April 2020 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium Forecourt.

Trinidad female soca artiste, Patrice Roberts and Bouyon Boss, Asa Bantan, were also on the line-up for the show.

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