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Church Planning Massive Parade To Counteract Carnival

As a direct counteraction to the annual carnival road march that some say contributes to havoc in Jamaica, the local church community is fine-tuning plans for a massive parade in the Corporate Area on October 27 this year.

The event is months away, but organisers, Maranatha Ministries, anticipate a mega turnout

of thousands from every denomination - an idea copied from an event in Canada called Jesus in the City, Toronto, hence the chosen name for the parade, Jesus in the City, Jamaica.

Canadian pastor Ayanna Solomon, president and founder of Jesus in the City, told The Gleaner that during their marches, carnival revellers unknowingly pay homage to Satan.

"The Devil was the worship leader in Heaven who eventually began leading people to worship him. When revellers dance on the streets, that is a form of worship, and people don't realise it. As they express passion for lust, something is released in the atmosphere that condones certain lifestyles, even homosexuality," Solomon claimed.

According to Maranatha Ministries pastor the Reverend Bobby McIntosh: "Jamaica is faced with the most serious crimes, and the Church has no response. If there was ever a time, now is the time for the Church to come together. Carnival takes centre stage and is a celebration of flesh and immoralities.


Rebirth Coming

"As a matter of fact, the Government is pumping millions into carnival. One of the themes that has been used by carnival is "rebirth". Rebirth of what? Only God knows," McIntosh told The Gleaner yesterday at a pastors breakfast at the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.

"But the Church is prophesying a rebirth to bring back godliness," he said. "The Church has to rise. I was inspired when I saw 30,000 people from different churches from all over Toronto four years ago. The mayor shut down the entire downtown Toronto to accommodate the parade stretching miles. Everyone was dancing and worshipping. It was just amazing."

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