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Campari increases Carnival in Jamaica presence

The world’s most stylish drink, Campari, continues to be at the forefront of everything Carnival in the Caribbean, with a robust Carnival in Jamaica season to follow-up from their successful run for Trinidad Carnival 2018.

For their Trinidad Carnival Road March debut, Campari poured from their bars and trucks in the immensely popular Tribe, Tribe Rogue, Fantasy and Entice bands respectively, in addition to a suite of lead-up fetes from promotion houses such as Caesar’s Army, Scorch and Soca Brainwash.

For this year’s Carnival in Jamaica season, Campari will be participating in the country’s three phenomenal bands; Xodus, Xaymaca and Bacchanal. This participation will see the brand’s easy-mix cocktails available at all lead-up events for the bands, in addition to the three respective road marches that will be taking place on Sunday 8 April.

For Xodus Road March, Bunji Garlin and Shenseea will be performing on the brand’s trucks, while Patrice Roberts will be performing for the brand in Xaymaca Road March.

To further bolster Campari’s play in Carnival in Jamaica, 13 influencers, including popular past beauty pageant winners Kaci Fennell, Danielle Crosskill, Ashlie Barrett and Kerrie Baylis have been selected by the brand to participate in an array of lead-up activities, including an educational brand immersion class, a dance-oriented workout session at Chai Studios and a beach workout session operated by Spry Fitness.

The Campari Carnival Queens will be playing mas in Xodus’ Aurora and Scarlett costumes, in addition to Xaymaca’s Red Beryl costume.


“We are elated to use Jamaica’s fast-growing Carnival platform to further execute Campari’s current Come Together campaign. This campaign is about how Caribbean people come together to unwind, socialise, and party with each other,” said Nadia Kiffin-Green, Marketing Manager at J Wray & Nephew Limited. “Campari is a versatile drink that can come together with many different chasers for uniquely delectable easy-mix cocktails such as the Campari Orange, Campari Grapefruit, and the Campari Pink Passion, which go well with all moments of conviviality.”

Campari kicked off its Carnival thrust with both Campari Xaymaca Sokah and Campari Xodus Debut fetes earlier this year, in addition to all Bacchanal Fridays thus far. Since then, the brand has been poured at Xaymaca Dockside Feteland, Bacchanal Baewatch Cooler Fete and will be present for the remainder of each band’s events and fetes that lead-up to their respective road marches.

For additional information on Campari’s carnival activities, people can follow the brand at Campari Caribbean on Instagram and Facebook.

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