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Acoustic Concert Review – Teddyson John’s Caribbean Moscato

Teddyson John’s acoustic concert was brought to audiences worldwide on YouTube on Sunday 22 November 2020 to showcase the 11-track project, Caribbean Moscato. Before he started, Teddyson made sure he welcomed his audience and band members, who were already serenading us with soothing rhythms and harmonies to match the natural surroundings of Saint Lucia. As this concert was held at Hotel Chocolat, with the Piton mountains in the background, the internet audience was already well-prepared to connect and appreciate the homegrown Saint Lucian talent, as well as the beauty and sounds of the island.

The themes of gratitude and expression seemed most evident in the lyrics, his style of performance and his humble demeanour. As the main vocalist, Teddyson John invited his audience to experience Saint Lucia through his enticing moments of storytelling when transitioning between songs. With the valuable contributions of his instrumentalists and backing vocalists, who helped to express the musical reality of the project, the performance was always engaging and fun.

With a more specific focus on the musical aspects of the performance, Teddyson looked comfortable as he danced and moved around the space whilst also displaying his smooth, strong vocal abilities. This comfortability was no doubt infectious and embodied by all the band members who jammed to the soulful rhythms of songs such as Allez and New Day.
Through the use of an acoustic concert, Teddyson John achieved a raw and authentic vibe which complimented his stripped-back approach to the performance. In agreement with this new and progressive “SoulKa” genre, which he birthed through a genius blend of soulful sounds and soca rhythms, this project is bound to attract new audiences.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing musical experience which could be enjoyed by all who loves to have a good time. As Teddyson John said himself, it truly is “music for your soul”.
The Caribbean Moscato album can be streamed and downloaded on all major platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Deezer and dMusic.
Take in the concert below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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