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A Lawyer into Trinidad’s Chutney Soca Monarch semis

Attorney Sunil Rishi Nowbutt has been selected for the semi-finalists of the 2020 edition of Chutney Soca Monarch.

He would compete against 45 artistes at Space, Gulf View, La Romaine next week Saturday.

Nowbutt, a part-time lecturer and radio announcer, said it was his first time entering the competition.

“I began singing eight months ago. I recorded four Bollywood remixes with other well-known artistes. But this is my first traditional chutney song. It is my time entering and I made it to the semi-finals. This means a lot, and I already accomplished my mission and dream,” he said.

Nowbutt has performed the song, “Mousam Hai Suhana” throughout Trinidad and in the Unites States.

“I had no confidence in doing this song. I am still learning. The producer, Maha Studios, advised that I do this song on my own. All background vocals were done by myself. For me music happened by accident and I am very proud of my achievements,” he said.

The Chutney Soca Monarch will celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year. The theme of CSM25 is ‘The Journey’.

Promoter George Singh said more than 75 artistes submitted songs for consideration. Screening began on January 4.

North America would also be represented at the semi-finals.

Damian Sookram, Randy Recklez Ramdin and Dave Lall, who reside in the United States have been selected to compete for a place in the grand finals.

The semi-final rounf of the competition will begin at 9pm.

And although the event is free to the public, VIP tickets are available at a cost.

CSM25 is sponsored by NLCB, and the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.

The list of semi-finalists are as follows –

Kavita Ramkissoon, Damian Sookram, Joel Davis, Ramnarine Prabhoo, Sunil Rishi Nowbutt, Nisha Ramsook, Russel Mohammed, Krishna Ramdass, Omardath Maraj, Keith Bishop, Neeshan Prabhoo, Ravi Babooram & Sandesh Sewdiew, Kenneth Salick, Ricardo Melville, Khayam Deo, Amit Sagram, Michael Saloum, Navita Mahatoo, Kumar Sieunarine, Surendra Ramoutar, Veejai Ramkissoon, Veekash Sahadeo, Kenneth Supersad, Sangeeta Harrypersad, Rizaan Ali & Darrion Narine, Dubraj Persad, Kess Ramroop, Prince Oneal Bhajman, Xavier Pouchet, Nigel Gobin, Anthony Batson, Shivan Ragoonath, Marlon Layne, Vishnu Ramkaran, Nishard M, Adesh Samaroo, Lal Bharat, Amit Sooknanan, General Imran, Hunter, Ranjeev Ramdeen, Reckless Randly Ramdin, KI Persad, Jasraj Singh, Dave Lall and Reshma Ramlal.

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