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5 Reasons to go to Jamaica Carnival in 2017

1. It is the perfect cure for Post Carnival Depression. Are you having dreams of putting on a costume and meeting the band, do you have Private Ryan’s mix on repeat and does the temperature outside make you feel to cry every time you think of the hot sunny days in Trinidad? Have no fear with Jamaica Carnival 2 months after Trinidad carnival, you can relive the Carnival experience all over again.


2. It is affordable. The most expensive thing you would have to purchase is your airline ticket. Accommodation fetes and even playing mas are all relatively less expensive than other Carnivals. As for value for money, where else will you find an all inclusive event on par with any of the upscale ones in Trinidad for US$75.00?


3. There is only ONE Carnival band, Bacchanal Jamaica, so you do not have to worry or stress about which band is the “IT” band to get into. Having one band does not mean a skimp on service, amenities or the experience. If drink and food service on the road is not enough, you have all amenities like the large bands in Trinidad including fully stocked drinks trucks, lunch rest stop and all of the hottest DJs. There are also private sections including a T Shirt section for those who do not want to jump in costume.


4. The fetes. You can start the party from Easter Weekend in Ochos Rios with Beach J’ouvert, then to Portland for Marabana. The next week continues with Block O, J’ouvert, Sunrise Breakfast Fetes and Frenchmen Bazodee among others. There was not one fete where we didn’t have a great time as it was vibes from beginning to end. Last Carnival there were over 30 fetes to choose from and Carnival 2017 you can expect some more added to the roster.


5. You are in Jamaica! The island is absolutely gorgeous, the food is divine (curry goat and white rice, escovitch fish, jerk chicken yum), the beaches are sublime and the people are extremely hospitable. Add on a day or two to your vacation and explore the island, you will be hooked on the Jamaican charm.


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