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Best Carnival Celebrations Around The World...

Here’s your invitation to the world’s most outrageous Carnival street parties. Let the good times roll!

Costumed revelers board a New Orleans streetcar and ride down St. Charles Avenue, waving banners, throwing beads, and shaking their rumps to the beat of a brass band. These are the Phunny Phorty Phellows—and their antics kick off the pre-Lenten celebrations.…


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Trinidad And Tobago Earmarks $9.7 Million For Carnival Industry

Isolated Dollar Signs Fading

The government of Trinidad and Tobago announced Tuesday the distribution of $9.7 million to regional Carnival committees with the aim of transforming the country's famous bash into a year-round generator of tourism revenue.

The National Carnival Commission has distributed the money to the regional committees with the hope that there could be at least one event per month, the minister of Arts and…


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Dance, Party And Get Wet At Panama Carnival

You don't have to go all the way to Brazil to experience a Latin American Carnival. Carnival in Panama is celebrated the same revelry and abandon as New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro. Celebrated in Panama since the early 1900's, this big party begins in the four days before Ash Wednesday. All work and seriousness stops and the streets fill with people dancing and drinking and with parades of colorful floats, glamorous queens. masks, costumes and…


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Carnival Of Blacks And Whites

Carnival of Blacks and Whites

Carnival of Blacks and Whites (Carnaval de Blancos y Negros)

When: 28th Dec 2014 - 7th Jan 2015

Where: Pasto, Colombia

Mask your face in an antifaz, dress in your oldest clothes and get ready for an outrageous party at Colombia's Narino City for the Carnaval de Blancos y Negros. The…


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It's A Fun Time To Be In Cologne... Because Carnival Is Coming...

Cologne Carival, Germany

When: 16th - 18th February, 2015

Where: Cologne, Germany

The Cologne Carnival is Germany's answer to the Rio Carnival in Brazil. So you see it's not only the South Americans who know how to party, the Germans put on a pretty good show. The Cologne Carnival reaches its zenith a week before Ash Wednesday.…


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Venice Carnival 2015...

Venice Carnival

When: 31st January - 17th February 2015

Where: Venice, Italy

Outlandish costume. Check. Dazzling mask. Check. Wacky, weird and crazy side of you. Check. And you are all set to attend the madcap event known as the Venice Carnival!

The Carnival which was first started in the early 14th…


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Goa Carnival 2015

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival Dates 2015

When: 14th February, 2015

Where: Goa

In the days when Goa was ruled lock, stock and barrel by the Portuguese, the tradition of an annual festival- held four days before the start of Lent- began. It started as a bit of a farce, where the white colonial rulers pretended to be…


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The Art Of Trinidad And Tobago, The Carnival Story...

The Carnival Story - 162 Years Of Mas

Carnival Masqueraders

Carnival Masqueraders : Photo credit Christine

By Terry Joseph

Although a major part of the Trinidad Carnival mystique lies in its unique ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together in harmonious circumstances, the festival was not born to such noble pursuits.

From the inception of street parades…


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Heading To Trinidad For CARNIVAL? Then Here's Your "Trini Food Guide"

Travel-pictures-gallery bake and shark

We all know that Trinidad is the land of oil and music and we are all ready to party but we should all take at least a little time to experience some of the other aspects of Trinidadian culture.

Food for example. Although I hail from a relatively close neighbour (Jamaica) I have found that Trini dishes are quite different from my usual fare.

Here are a few choice dishes…


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NY pays tribute to the “Calypso Queen of the World” CALYPSO ROSE {VIDEOS}


Nelson A. King

Though she was barely able to walk because of gout, Calypso Rose was still able to woo her audience, as Brooklyn paid tribute to the Tobago-born singer who “broke the glass ceiling” in the calypso genre.

“This woman, sometimes I sit and wonder what got that woman to sing calypso in the 1950s and survive,” said popular Grenadian-born radio personality Harold Pysadee, one…


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We try our best to keep this INFO as up-to-date and accurate as possible. If we listed a wrong date in error, or omitted a carnival, kindly place the correct date/listing/website in the…


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Guyana Mashramani - Carnival {VIDEO+PICS}


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Carnivals Around the World {PICS}

Carnival season 2015 is well underway across Europe and the Americas. These pre-Lent bacchanalian festivals usher out the winter and welcoming in spring. The largest and most famous of all--the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--takes place Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The city's 6 million residents, along with more than 1,000000 tourists, crowded the streets for days of rowdy, joyous parades and extravagant processions by the city's best samba schools.…


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10 Most Spectacular Carnivals in the World.

Believe it or not, but February is the most festive time of the year. Why? Because of the carnivals happening world-wide! The festivities typically include lively parades, rich foods, and different forms of entertainment.

Many different theories surround the origins of Carnival. Some suggest that it is derived from the Latin expression “carne vale”, which…


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Carnival, or 'The Real Mas', is a pre-Lenten festival, and usually falls in February or March each year. It is unquestionably the most festive season in Dominica. It is hard to miss the fervour of the people's loyalty to their favourite calypsonian or pageant during the preceding months of the Calypso Final and the National Queen Show.…


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Trini gov’t to pay 2Million for Calypso King Mighty Sparrow memorabilia

GOVERNMENT yesterday announced what amounts to a $2 million Christmas gift for the Mighty Sparrow.

As shoppers all over the country continued to work on their Christmas gift list, Minister of Culture Dr Lincoln Douglas announced the State would license Sparrow’s (Slinger Francisco) memorabilia for a ten-year period with an option to renew. 

At a Cabinet…


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San Francisco Carnaval {VIDEOS}

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Carnival Queen: Rihanna was scantily clad in an elaborate carnival outfit as she took part in the Kadmooment Day parade in Barbados

Carnival Queen: Rihanna was scantily clad in an elaborate carnival outfit as she took part in the Kadmooment Day parade in Barbados earlier today

Yesterday she showed off a toned-down look sporting a demure maxi dress, simple make-up and a relaxed hair style - a world away from her usual sexed-up style. 

But it didn’t last long and earlier today Rihanna was dressed in a louder than life attire as she took part in a traditional Bajan festival. 

The singer climbed aboard a float dressed in a cut away bra top and a pair of tiny red pants flaunting her fabulous figure as she…


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The Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival 2015 was launched in grand fashion and style on Friday 28th November. Count Basie Square came alive as The Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival Company revealed eight sample costumes and two signature pieces in their presentation themed ‘The Grand Life’.

Prime Minister Perry Christie was on hand to launch the festivities officially and expressed his delight with the entire…


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Carnival Virgin Survivor Guide

Carnival Virgin

  • First and most important never wear your full costume on Monday unless you are a two band/section H.O. Tuesday is the day to look fresh and glam.! Most people who do this look washed up on Tuesday. Tuesday is the time to show off your costume in full glory.
  • If you plan on wearing mas stockings, to prevent your toes from suffering, cut off the toe part so your toes will be free. Some people…

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