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Venus Factor Review

The Venus factor is a body and diet sculpting course designed for women looking forward to gain a female physique with aesthetic pleasing dimensions. The course is designed by John Barban and uses the golden mean to come up with the perfect female. This ration is referred to as Venus index and this course is designed to guide women on how to attain the ratio. Barban claims that Venus factor is more of a weight loss program, because it goes beyond helping women to shed the excess fat they have in the body. It has gained more popularity in the modern days among women who are in the weight loss program. This article offers you a comprehensive Venus Factor review of the Venus Factor programs that will help you determine whether it is perfect or not for you.

The Venus factor system is composed of four basic components.

Main PDF manual

This Venus Factor a manual that you can be read by printing it or read using any device. It provides explanation on the philosophy that is behind the entire program. The Venus Factor manual also offers step by step instructions on how to follow the exercise and diet guidelines.

Exercise plan

This Venus Factor a twelve week customized program that can be carried out at home or in any gym or health club. It contains full set of videos which shows the users how to carry out each of the exercises included in the plan.

Virtual nutritionist

The Venus Factor virtual nutritionist is a software app that creates a personalized nutrition regimen depending on specific individual details you give about yourself.

Online forum

One of the best ways that you can benefit a lot when you are losing weight is by connecting with other people using similar weight lose Venus Factor program as yours. This online forum gives you an opportunity to connect with other users, ask specific questions and share experiences with the online community. Users have the opportunity to share blog about their experiences, share podcasts and make friends with other women with similar interests.


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Venus Factor Free PDF Download
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Venus Factor Free eBook Download
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