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Roland St George is the King of TnT Carnival 2015 and Stephanie Kanhai is the Queen

Carnival King

Roland St. George in his winning costume Ahtwajé

First place in the National Carnival Bands’ Association Senior Kings finals went to Roland St. George with his presentation of Ahtwajé, while the Queen title went to Stephanie Kanhai portraying The Sweet Waters Of Africa. 

The Senior Kings results are as follows:

1st – Ahtwajé – Roland St. George: 433 points

2nd – Saramanga – D Wolf Bat – Ted Eustace: 429 points

3rd – Death Desolation Despair-Keeper Of Souls – Fareid Carvalho: 413 points

4th – Mr. Slick – Patrick Roberts Jr.: 403 points

5th – Pan In D Mas – Clyde Bascombe: 402 points

6th – Zatog, The Invincible – Fernando Marchan: 398 points

7th – Wild Fire – Marlon Rampersad and Andrus Warrior King And His Protector – Raymond Mark: 388 points

9th – I Orgi Tou Poseidona (The Wrath Of Poseidon) – Wade Madray: 384 points

10th – The Emperor – Ravi Lakhan 361 points.

Queen of carnival

Carnival Queen, Stephanie Kanhai in her costume, The Sweet Waters Of Africa

The Senior Queens Results are as follows:

1st – The Sweet Waters Of Africa – Stephanie Kanhai: 411 points

2nd – The Phantom Queen – Roxanne Omalo: 396 points

3rd – Andromeda Mystical Queen – Jonell Dick: 393 points

4th – Avi – Queen Of The African Village – Alendra Bailey: 390 points

5th – Charlotte’s Cameo – Peola Marchan: 388 points

6th – Ocean Waves – Gloria Dallsingh: 386 points

7th – “Beauty & Freedom” – Kay Mason: 381 points

8th – Jewels Of Atlantis – Savitri Holassie: 380 points

9th – The Passion Of Valentine – Charmaine Enile: 378 points

10th – Masquerade – The Gathering – Tracell Frederick 366 points.

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