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Ricochae drops two new jams [VIDEO]

Since the days he would leave high school to lime with musicians in Port-of-Spain, singer and producer Ricardo “Ricochae” James said he knew he wanted to be a performer.

The son of JMC 3Veni lead singer Jimmy Seenath and brother of producer and singer Jason Lee, James grew up in and around music, so it seems inevitable he would follow suit.

James recently launched his new single Ring Ring, as well as his August release Holding on to Your Fingers, at an intimate listening party at the Haze Night Club in St Clair on September 5. The event gave industry insiders and the media an opportunity to meet with the artiste as he launched his offerings for Carnival 2018 and beyond.

The tracks were produced by local producer Millbeatz and are described as “fusing soca and R&B to create a true world music type offering.” James said he was open to using any style of music that he can use to create something unique. “I am not just a soca artist, or an R&B artist, or a reggae artist, because I can do all genres of music.”

James said he made the decision to move towards singing and away from producing after years of being told he should be singing the music he was writing for others. In 2008, he established production company Code 202 Productions and in 2012 he released his first soca single, a duet with Blaxx entitled Handle It. Since then he has released music annually.

He teamed up with Millbeatz because he realized he was too hard on himself when it came to producing music. “Basically I think I had already accomplished what I was aiming for as a producer. As a producer and a songwriter, you see things in music that others miss, and you develop your own style for years to come.”

James has worked with tracks for Orlando Octave, Farmer Nappy, Patrice Roberts, Jah Melody, Blaxx and Kimba Sorzano to name a few, and produced with Bobby Digital out of Jamaica, NYC-based Cutting Edge Studios and Grammy Award-winning producer Delroy “D-Roy” Andrews.

James said he sees himself as an international artist who will exchange T&T’s culture with others and he envisions himself winning awards. He also plans to open a production company and begin building his music empire.

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