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Problem Child is Winning and The Soca World is Watching. Artist Expresses Curiosity!

He’s one of the Caribbean’s most humble talents but ahead of the Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent born songwriter and artist, Problem Child is prepared to show the world just what he’s got, recently explaining to EBUZZTT exclusively that he’s got a very smart strategy that he cannot reveal just yet, but one that will certainly be recognised as time rolls on. Today, the singer celebrates his birthday.

Problem Child was one of the Soca artistes aboard the Soca on the Seas cruise in October.

We met up with Problem aboard the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas in October. He was a part of the contingent hired by the Soca On The Seas team to deliver Soca music on their first ever Afro Soca cruise to the Bahamas. He did not fail to execute. In fact, Problem Child was among the artistes who represented with a level of pride that proved to us that Soca is definitely in good hands. The artist has released two major anthems heading into Carnival 2019 with plans to possibly unleash a few more. He recorded with production powerhouse, Precision Productions recently, a project that also saw him pen lyrics for a song delivered by Patrice Roberts who he refers to as his sister.

In our chat, Problem revealed that it was Patrice, in 2011, who gave him the opportunity he needed. Together, they unleashed a song called, “A Little Wine” and since that time, he has written a lot more anthems for Roberts and other artistes, including Shal Marshall.

In 2018, Problem Child’s name began calling in Trinidad and Tobago. It wasn’t the first time but there certainly was some level of attention being paid to the artist. He had written all three tracks, including his own on the 2AM Project. He said he’d made the conscious decision to release the single done by Patrice and Kees first, telling EBUZZTT that he studies people’s behaviour and knew it would create a stir. Next up, he worked with Shal on ‘Splinters’ a song that essentially caused mayhem on the soca scene. “Shal is a natural born competitor, so there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to execute that song,” said Problem. His song came later. ‘Middle of Something’ was released in the aftermath of the success of both Kees and Patrice’s ‘Like it Like That’ and Shal’s ‘Splinters’ and according to Problem, what he piggybacked on was the fact that he knew his name would be credited for the songwriting of the other two singles. He said he knew people would then become curious to hear the third track and so it proved effective. All three songs on the 2AM project were on consistent rotation throughout T&T’s carnival 2018 season and even thereafter.

St. Vincent his homeland, the social media stunner who keeps his female fans intrigued with some of the most exotic looking photos, told us St. Vincent’s carnival is as authentic a carnival, as there could be. “It’s a lot less commercial than T&T’s carnival and there is a lot of vibes in Vincy carnival. It almost looks like a riot,” he said laughing. “Nobody ever gets hurt though,” he said almost immediately. The artist explained that much of the energy and enthusiasm experienced in St. Vincent at carnival time is probably owed to the humility of the people, explaining that the party goers are not able to dress and ball out with bottles like the people in Trinidad and Tobago do, so what they do is party hard. He says Grenada’s carnival closely mirrors St. Vincent’s, telling us, “There are some semi stush events, but if the right people get into the event, it can escalate quickly.”

Here are 3 things you may not have known about Problem Child:

  1. He’s left handed.
  2. He doesn’t live in St. Vincent. He lives in New York and he’s lived there since before he sang “Party Animal.”
  3. He hasn’t missed St. Vincent’s Carnival since 2005.

Problem visits Trinidad ad Tobago in November when he will do his promotional run ahead of Carnival 2019. Join us in wishing him good health, strength and happiness as he celebrates another year of life, today.

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