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Mayor: Don’t pee on people’s walls

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez has asked Carnival patrons not to urinate on people’s walls. He expressed hope that the public conveniences in the city are ready, manned properly and clean. He said at this time a lot more people would be looking to use those facilities.

“We want to urge you we have facilities that are working quite well and not to use the walls of people’s premises and various open areas where we don’t need any extra ammonia.” He was speaking yesterday at the Port of Spain City Corporation monthly statutory meeting held at City Hall, Port of Spain.

He congratulated Alderman Wendell Stephens for another successful year of planning Downtown Carnival celebrations and festivities.

He said with a smaller budget it was more difficult to get the job done but Stephens was able to do so with the help of other councillors.

He said they had a successful launch of Downtown Carnival and had honoured “local daughter of our soil” Destra Garcia “For her valuable and sterling contribution to the development of soca, calypso and the art form.”

Stephens spoke on the Downtown Carnival Committee Report. He said the launch on January 19 was successful and during the event they honoured soca artiste Destra Garcia, the first woman to be honoured. He pointed out the launch was a scaled down version of the regular launch and there was no parade due to the recession.

He added, however, that this did not take away from the cultural show held at Woodford Square where artistes performed for free.

He reported the stand at the Queen’s Park Savannah is progressing. He said and there was an issue with the mayor’s box but that has been sorted out and he has been assured by the NCC and corporation CEO that it and the judging enclosure were now under construction.

He said a site visit is planned for today with the head of the police department to ensure everything is in train. He reported inspection has to be done by the Works Ministry and fire services to ensure the stand lives up to the reputation as the safest venue for Carnival.

He also reported that the “Bomb” steel pan on the move competition was being moved from City Hall to South Quay. During the meeting a moment of silence was held for the passing of former President George Maxwell Richards and on the passing of Martinez’s mother on January 22.

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