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2017 was a whirlwind year for Omar Marzville McQuilkin and this new year promises to be even more splendiferous.

After a successful run during Crop Over 2017 when his hit songs Give It To Ya and Gas It Up respectively made it to the Sweet Soca Finals and Bashment Soca competition, the Richard Stoute Teen Talent alumnus has been busy touring throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

His latest stop is the 2018 Trinidad Carnival where Give It To Ya has captivated the ears and waistlines of the soca-loving population.

In a telephone interview with Bajan VibesMarzville said these past eight months had been extremely hectic with constant bookings and performances, but he had no plans of slowly down just yet with the recent release of the Give To Ya Remix featuring Trinidadian songstress Patrice Roberts just in time for carnival.

However, his 2017 release of Give It To Ya, which featured Vincentian artiste Skinny Fabulous, has been dominating the airwaves, receiving massive radio play and grabbing the top five spot in the soca charts.

The growing popularity of the melodic groovy soca song has gone beyond Marzville’s wildest imagination, but the reality has settled in during his current stay in T&T, the cultural hub of soca, carnival and doubles.

“It is a really good feeling when you are walking around Trinidad and people telling you have the number one song for carnival,” Marzville said.

The talented musician said songs like Give It To YaBam Bim and Gas It Up were not created with the intention of being an international hit, but for the enjoyment of the public.

“I just do music and hope for the best,” Marzville told Bajan Vibes.

“We just usually do music for Crop Over. With Bam Bim we did it just for Crop Over and it blew up, and with Give It To Ya, we said we are just going to do this song and it mash up Crop Over not knowing it is going to take over the world too,” he added.

Marzville’s successes over the past two years have garnered him a following, with hundreds coming to events just to get a glimpse of the artiste.

“When I went to Washington DC and I actually saw the people that came out just to see me . . . it had me feel it type of way. Even with the events now in Trinidad, I am sometimes the only artiste . . . and the event is packed,” he revealed.

Aside from his Crop Over singles that have already amassed a loyal following, Marzville has released three songs for carnival 2018: Fog Up featuring StabbyTake It From Ya and Good Vibes. He disclosed that the sweet soca Take It From Ya has been quite popular in the US market, receiving airplay on major radio stations such as Power 105 and Hot 97.

With the start of the Crop Over season mere months away, Marzville revealed that he was already in the studio working on three singles. Although he remained tightlipped on what listeners can expect, he indicated that he would be bringing out his bashment soca and ragga soca selections in April.

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