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Machel Montano sues Trinidad telecoms company

Machel does the Road March hat trick




Soca star Machel Montano is suing the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) for suspending its sponsorship deal with him three years ago.

Machel, who is now a brand ambassador with TSTT competitor Digicel, is seeking more than TT$2 million (US$302,965) in compensation – the money he said he would have earned for the remainder of the contract.

He claims in the lawsuit that he signed a deal with the state-owned telecoms provider for a 2012 to 2014 period, but the company suspended the contract in 2013 without giving a reason.

The TSTT’s decision followed Machel’s conviction in 2012 – along with fellow soca artistes Kernal Roberts, Rodney ‘Benjai’ LeBlanc and Joel ‘Zan’ Feveck – for assaulting four people at the Zen Nightclub in the capital, Port-of-Spain on April 27, 2006.

Machel’s lawsuit alleges that despite demands requesting payment of monies owed to him under the sponsorship agreement, TSTT has refused to pay up.

The performer, who is represented by attorneys Larry Williams and Jacqueline Chang, argues that TSTT continues to unlawfully advertise its products and services by using his image and likeness on public buses, newspaper advertisements, public benches, bus stops, online music downloads and at its stores.



Machel goes for Road March #8

Machel Montano has done it again.
The soca superstar has won the Road March title for the third time. 
Montano's "Waiting on the Stage" won the Road March by a landlside with 328 plays. 
Kes the Band's "People" came second with 29 plays.
Montano also won the Road March title in the Downtown Carnival competition. 
"Waiting on the Stage" was written and produced by Badjohn Republic.


Machel Montano

Soca superstar Machel Montano served notice at his concert last Monday when he said “Conserve yuh energy. Because yuh see me, I going for the Road March number eight.”

And that is what the speakers on the music trucks announced all day in front of the Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook, judging point yesterday. Montano's ‘Waiting on the stage' was the tune of choice on most of the sound systems and drove revellers into a frenzy with his tune of the anticipation of crossing the Carnival stage after a year of waiting.

Montano's previous wins are Big Truck (1997), Band of the Year (in 2006 with vocals from Patrice Roberts), Jumbie (2007), Advantage (2011), Pump Yuh Flag (2012), MOR (Ministry of Road in 2014) and last year's Like A Boss. The Soca superstar is expected to increase his lead today as thousands are expected to parade along the city's streets dressed in full costume.

Legacy first made its way past the Ariapita Avenue site around 10.15 a.m. with its presentation, Life. Ronnie and Caro's ‘Tears Of...' soon followed. The latter's early departure seemed to catch many stragglers off guard.

During one of the few lulls of the day, six wreckers were led by police car across the judging point and up Carlos Street. They all returned ten minutes later, each with a vehicle in tow.

“I think that should be a lesson to all of us,” came the announcement. “That we should make use of the car parks that are available.”

Salty sensation


By 4.30 p.m. over 30 bands—small, medium, large and traditional costumes—had passed in front of the judges providing much entertainment for the small yet enthusiastic crowd of spectators assembled at the venue. As members from The Original Jab Jab's ‘Tribal Warriors,' fought each other in mock battles, the announcer warned spectators not to try that at home.

Mini bands such as The Belmont Jewels, with its presentation Conquest de la Chiquita, provided early thrills for bystanders who sidestepped “charges” from masqueraders dressed as bulls.

Starlift shifted the pace of the music as the sweet sounds swayed both tourists and locals. The large band with its 2016 offering, Starlift Through the Years (1957-2015) charmed the Square with its many sections which included Razzle Dazzle, Showtime, Africa the Beautiful and Shindig '66. Its fully clothed band members happily chipped to the soothing steel as a strong breeze added to the overcast early afternoon.

Gorillas from the mini presentation, Welcome to Africa presented by Wey Dey Come, had the crowd in stitches as they wrestled and wined to Salty's “Gyal Meets Brass”.

Trini Revellers with its A Touch of Woodbrook took over 15 minutes to cross the “stage” and it was near impossible to hear public relations officer Enrico Rajah's detailed narrative as the music trucks blasted to the players' delight.

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