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Goddess of The Road – Niketa Noreiga


We know a woman never reveals her age but, what’s your date of birth? 
14 January

Besides looking amazing, what’s your occupation?
IT Business Analyst

In what year did you start playing Mas, can you list the bands you have played with over the years?
I started playing mas with Tribe in 2005. However, I’ve moved to Fantasy since its inception.

Have you ever missed a Carnival? If so what was the reason? 
I’ve never missed a Carnival since I started playing mas.


Do you participate in Carnivals outside of Trinidad and Tobago? What was the experience like?  
I have never played mas outside of T&T’s carnival.

Which was your first Frontline costume experience and have you done Backline since?  
How can I forget, Tribe Continga, after that I was hooked.

Favorite Carnival costume of all time?
Hard to decide. I’m torn between Tigris from 2013 and Sirens from 2014.

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What do you love the most about Carnival and playing Mas? 
Love, love, love parading in my beautiful costume on a Carnival Tuesday. I love the carnival atmosphere, the infectious music, sharing the experience with my friends and of course the energy of the people around.

How do you go about choosing your costume for Carnival?
Emphasis on colour…. it must be bright. Then the collaborative efforts by myself and R&A productions give me the perfect costume.

When does your Carnival preparation start and what does it include? Diet? Exercise? Sketches for boots and bags? Spa treatment.
I try to exercise and eat healthy year round but when January comes I increase my cardio sessions. But before I hit the road, I make sure I’m well rested. That usually does the trick.

417682_392476354111102_216785795013493_1576988_1888568178_n (1)

Single or taken? Are you celebrating Valentine’s days this year? 
Taken. I’m a romantic at heart…

Solo Superstar or plays Mas with a crew?
It depends on the day. To sum it up, I’m a Solo Superstar with a crew.

Who do people tell you is your celebrity look alike? 
None actually.

If you could only choose ONE Carnival fete to attend at Trinidad Carnival which one would it be? 
At present, I actually don’t have a favorite .

On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your Carnival 2014 experience? Highlights and low lights? 
Carnival 2014 would definitely be given a 9. Highlights: My costume was so much more than I expected and moving to music of Haunted.

Lowlights: Much too short


Give us a run-down of getting ready Carnival Tuesday morning before hitting the road.
Here’s my routine
3 a.m. Wake up…Grumpy… Hate waking up this hour

4 a.m. Makeup appointment

7 a.m. Eat breakfast and then relax a bit

8 a.m. In my costume…. Brand new me… Ready for the road

The one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m an introvert at heart.

How do you deal with the fans, being asked to constantly pose for photos on the road? 
It comes with the territory…. It’s not an issue.

Your top tips for anyone wanting to look like a Carnival Goddess? You look perfect all day, honestly what’s the secret? 
Choose a costume that right for you and have a blast, beauty comes from within. It’s all about the confidence.

Which band are you gracing your presence with for Carnival 2015 and what can we expect your costume to look like? What is the one thing you want to eat on Ash Wednesday that you’ve been dying?
Fantasy Carnival….. Best band ever!!!! . With regard to my costume you guys will just have to wait and see. Carnival Tuesday night I will definitely be eating a Lamb pizza and a piece of chocolate cake.


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Luscious looking chick who expresses self contentment.

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