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Perhaps no other Caribbean nation celebrates its pirate legends and cultural heritage quite like the Cayman Islands, which erupts into a festival of spectacle and pageantry during our annual Pirates Week in November.


Pirates Week 2017 will start on Thursday 9th November and finish up on Monday 13th November (a Cayman Islands bank holiday) and will be another five fun filled days with mock "invasions" of pirates and in celebration of this year’s 40th anniversary, a combined Heritage Days bringing each district together in one place to showcase the people, our culture and heritage all in one day! Spectators will also enjoy a series of parades and fireworks displays, street dances, costume contests, sporting competitions, happy hours, a celebration of traditional foods, music and much more, stretching across all three islands. 


We start our festival with a fantastic steel pan competition and kick-off party and on Thursday and Friday night the festival goes off with a bang with a spectacular firework display that you will not want to miss!


After the fireworks, we move straight into the crowning of the annual Festival Queen, Street Dance and Food Festival; there’s no better place to be in the Caribbean.


Whether you are visiting Little Cayman, Cayman Brac or Grand Cayman for their individual Pirates Week celebrations, you are sure to have fun!


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