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Carnival in The Bahamas Postponed With Elections In The Air


The popular Junkanoo Carnival has been delayed but general elections are definitely on in the Bahamas.

Twenty-four hours after Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that Parliament would be dissolved next  Tuesday, April 11, officials revealed that the annual festival will now be held from May 18-20, two weeks behind the original May 4-6 dates.

The postponement comes less than a week after organizers had announced the event’s line-up.

While the move has angered some Carnival lovers, particularly those booked to travel to attend Junkanoo, Chairman of the National Festival Commission Paul Major said it was in the country’s best interest.

He told the Nassau Guardian that with elections in the air, Carnival would have to compete with political rallies and people should not have to choose between the two.

For his part, Prime Minister Christie explained that the move to dissolve Parliament was an opportunity to give citizens an opportunity to register to vote before the deadline.

“I have given them notice that if they want to vote in the upcoming election, they must register by that date,” he told reporters at a function to rename a portion of Thompson Boulevard at the University of the Bahamas. He also assured that he is ready to declare the date.

“With respect to the date of the elections, they will get to know very shortly.”

Christie’s announcement prompted scores of voters to rush to registration centers yesterday.

Once Parliament is dissolved only people were registered before its dissolution would be entitled to vote.

At last report, there were 154, 691 people registered to vote. Approximately 172, 000 people voted in the last election.

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