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carnival Fete Fashion with Fonrose

When the fete calls for ‘fashion’ we have got you covered  with some of our  favourite looks from designer Natalie Fonrose . Instagram : @fonrose_thebrand

Cooler Fete

The look: Casual and  comfy. Footwear that allows you to be able to hop up on a cooler and hot shorts are usually standard wear.

Style tip:  We love jumpsuits as a sexy yet comfortable alternative to shorts.

Wet Fete 

The Look: Swimwear or bodysuit with shorts or leggings. Basically anything that you will be comfortable in for hours after getting wet.

Style tip: Boots or sneakers are preferred footwear as there is nothing worse than sliding around in sandals or flipflops on a wet surface.

Boat Cruise 

The look : Swim fab with a dash of sophistication.

Style Tip: This is the occasion to debut your stylish swimsuits with caftans and flowing cover ups .

Pool Party:

The look: Resort wear that provides an illusion of coverage; anything sheer or mesh goes.

Style tip: Dress up your look with fancy footwear,  heels, wedges and even boots.

All Inclusive

The Look: Fashionista chic, loosely interpreted to mean that the higher the cost of the ticket,the more of a fashion show the event will be and you will want to stand out.

Style Tip: You are never too overdressed at an all inclusive fete and invest in booking a professional makeup artist for the occasion.

Breakfast Party

The look : Elegantly casual. Effortlessly polished without breaking a sweat.

Style tip: Choose pieces that will  not only keep you cool, but look great from the wee hours of the morning until the sun comes up. Sunglasses definitely recommended.

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