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British tourists are trapped on 'Soca on de Sea' party boat overnight [VIDEO]

Over 300 people, including several Britons, were left stranded at sea for hours after a party boat's steering broke off the coast of Barbados.  

Hundreds crammed on board the MV Dream Chaser as it left port at Bridgetown on Saturday night as part of a late night music festival.  

The event dubbed 'Soca on De Sea' is organised by 4D Entertainment to celebrate the island's annual carnival and Soca music fiesta.

But the mood turned sour a few hours in after a damaged hydraulic ram crippled the steering on the vessel at around 1.20am.

Several of the people on board said they initially thought the engine had failed until the boat started to spin in circles and move violently in the waves.

'When we were sailing out, we could hear there was something wrong with the engine but then the captain stopped. So we were partying. But when it was time to return to shore, the engine was cutting in and out and then it just stopped,' one man said. 

One Briton from London who was visiting the Caribbean island for the third time said: 'I could not believe what was happening. There I am in the middle of this big ocean with my wife and friends and I am experiencing something I have never experienced before. I was scared, to be honest. There was some panic on board but we were reassured by the crew.'

Another Londoner who only gave his first name as Michael said that he had never seen anything like this before. 'People were having a whale of a time on the boat when panic set in. All sorts of things were coming to my mind. I was looking to find a way out in case the unthinkable happened.'

People were said to have rushed for the boat's life jackets as panic spread among the passengers. 

They also screamed for the music to be switched off as the craft lurched from side to side.  

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