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SHE performed at many carnivals throughout the United States and now Natasha Barrow is hoping to make her mark in the land of her birthplace, Trinidad and Tobago.

Barrow, also called Tasha, is a soca artiste and songwriter based in the US. She is also the lead vocalist in the band Vybz Evolution. She told Newsday that as a child growing up in south, she often sang at church and other events.

Being the daughter of calypsonian Carey Stephens better known as Kinté, Barrow said she was exposed to music at a very young age.

“It is in the blood. As a child, I entered calypso competitions. As far as soca is concerned, I started performing it in 2005. I have about ten songs from then to now. We do lots of tours in the US in places like Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Detroit and Minnesota,” Barrow said.

Last August she was a finalist in the USA Soca Monarch competition, as part of the Labour Day celebrations. She performed Last Band, written by Angela Weekes also called Ms Diamond of St Croix. While she did not win, Barrow said the response from people was overwhelming.

“Kendoyll Simpson of Belize produced that song while Vibez Lordz mastered it. It is really a power soca. I loved the response, it was nice. As an adult I have not tapped in TT Carnival before, so this is my first time at soca here, Barrow said.

Barrow is originally from Indian Walk, Moruga. She migrated to the US in 1999 and now lives in Georgia. She is in the country to promote her music.

The singer said her band comprises of people from various Caribbean countries like Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. The YouTube channel JulianspromosTV published the song Last Band on June 14, last year. It was recorded and mixed by O’Banga Productionz of Dominica and has more than 20,000 views. On Facebook Barrow is known as Tasha B Music.

Her father, a member of the Kaiso Showkase and Central Rainbow Stars tents, is known for some of his hits like I Want To Be and Mandingo Man.

“Since I came out the crib, I have been performing. In other words, I have been in calypso all my life. I used to be a competitor, but I am no longer competing,” Barrow said.

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