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5 Fashion Trends We’ll Be Seeing This Carnival

What’s the time Mr.Wolf? Bac­cha­nal time! Car­ni­val. A time to wear things you may not usu­al­ly be seen in at any oth­er time of year. A time to show up and show out, if you so de­sire. But, if you need some help fig­ur­ing what’s in and what’s not, then this ar­ti­cle should give you an idea on what’s trend­ing so you can in­cor­po­rate them in­to looks for this sea­son.

1. The Fan­ny Pack

Is it the 90’s? Nope, but the fan­ny pack is mak­ing a ma­jor come­back in 2019. Fan­ny packs date back to the French in the 15th cen­tu­ry where a small bag that hung from a belt called a chate­laine was worn, but then be­came pop­u­larised in the late 80’s/90’s by Amer­i­cans and the British. Named for where it rests (just above the butt, or the “fan­ny”, if you will) it holds just about all the es­sen­tials you’ll need to fete. Phone? Fan­ny Pack! Tick­ets? Fan­ny Pack! Vex mon­ey? Fan­ny Pack! Maybe a flask? FAN­NY PACK!

In 2018, brands like Guc­ci, Pra­da and Louis Vuit­ton re­vived the trend and has made its way to our shores in 2019, just in time for Car­ni­val.

2. Neon

Car­ni­val is all about bright, bold and live­ly colours. But this year you can bet neon is the wave, and its not just go­ing to be cloth­ing. It’ll be hair, nails, ac­ces­sories ba­si­cal­ly any­thing you cad add to your body. In 2018, run­ways in New York, Paris and Mi­lan saw de­sign­ers grab­bing this trend by the horns and cre­at­ing every­thing from 3-piece suits to jog­gers — and even ball gowns.

Plus, we’ve al­ready seen Patrice Roberts take front with this in her neon pink cy­cle shorts and crop top over the last week­end. So, make a men­tal note that hot green, pink and or­ange will be pop­ping up al­most every­where.

I won’t lie, these can be in­tim­i­dat­ing to wear, so the best place to start might be with ac­ces­sories like a bag, shoes, jew­ellery, or you can close your eyes, jump right in and im­merse your­self in the bright­est of the bright.

3. Art­work on Cloth­ing

Pieces in­spired by con­tem­po­rary art are all the rage these days and I’m cer­tain­ly not mad at it. Cov­ered on run­ways by Ver­sace over the last sea­son, it mesh­es fan­ta­sy, art and fash­ion. Known for be­ing eye-cap­tur­ing, what a bet­ter time to be break­ing necks with your out­fits than Car­ni­val? Al­so, Car­ni­val is all about our cul­ture and it’ll sure­ly give some of us the chance to cre­ate cul­tur­al state­ments (if you wish) with our cloth­ing choic­es. Mean­ing you can recre­ate your own in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the art that we see, know and love and make your own state­ment piece.

4. Se­quins

Se­quins? For Car­ni­val? Ground­break­ing. *Cue the sar­cas­tic eye-roll*. But it’ll nev­er die sim­ply be­cause it al­ways de­mands the at­ten­tion it de­serves. And, in this sea­son you can wear it day or night, and cer­tain­ly NOT lim­it­ed to just cloth­ing. We’re do­ing se­quined bags, shoes, jew­ellery, every­thing.

There are a few gen­er­al rules once you opt for wear­ing se­quins but fol­low them and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Pair with oth­er tex­tured pieces for fierce con­trast.

If your se­quin piece is pat­terned, the rest of your out­fit should be neu­tral. But if it’s mono­chrome, then go right ahead and play with pat­terns. Its all about bal­ance.

Don’t over­do: One glit­tery piece at a time. You are not a dis­co ball!

5. Tie-dye

It’s like we’re kids again, ex­cept this isn’t an af­ter-school ac­tiv­i­ty in dy­ing some t-shirts with friends. Orig­i­nal­ly Japan­ese tech­nique known as shi­bori, it ide­al­ly pre­vent­ed dye from reach­ing cer­tain parts of the fab­ric to cre­ate psy­che­del­ic pat­terns and free-flow­ing forms. But to­day we as­so­ciate the pat­tern with hip­pie- cul­ture from the US.

And for Car­ni­val, it’ll be in­te­gral in cre­at­ing some bomb out­fits. Be­ing a trend that popped up on run­ways in 2018, its far from what you re­call wear­ing as a kid. Its fun yet so­phis­ti­cat­ed and has more a street-wear ap­peal as op­posed to be­ing hip­pie-as­so­ci­at­ed. For the more ca­su­al out­fits, I can see tie-dye def­i­nite­ly tak­ing over this Car­ni­val sea­son and even flow­ing over in­to va­ca­tion time (Ju­ly/Au­gust).

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