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Festival of Mermaids and Mermen [VIDEO]

NC Merfest is run by NC Merfolk - a fun loving group of mermaids and mermen located in the heart of North Carolina. They swim together as a group three times a week at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, North Carolina. They also perform at birthday parties, meet & greets, photo-shoots, luau's and wherever our tails take us. They love to share friendship with other mer!…


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Baby Jumping Festival in Spain [VIDEO]

You would be forgiven for being curious about the title of this festival because even though Spain boasts some of the most unusual and bizarre festivals compared to the rest of the world, throwing tomatoes over each other as they do in Valencia or being chased down the street by a herd of bulls in…


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Everybody fights Everybody on Christmas Morning in Peru [VIDEO]

The town of Santo Tomas is 12,000 feet above sea level, nestled cozily in the vertiginous Peruvian Andes.
Hill dwellers and mountain folk alike have had a reputation for hardiness and endurance ever since ancient Greek geographer…

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Int. African Arts Festival 2017 (Brooklyn, NY)

IAAFestival began in 1971 on Claver Place as the African Street Carnival (a PTA’s block party fundraiser for “Uhuru Sasa Shule” or “Freedom Now School,” an independent school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn) with local artists, entertainers, and performers, arts and crafts vendors, along with food prepared by the parents. Almost 2,000 people attended and…


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Quebec Winter Carnival [VIDEO]

Since the beginning of our French colony, the habitants of New France created a rowdy tradition of getting together just before Lent to eat, drink and be merry. The custom of celebrating from the end of January until mid-February has long been popular.

The first large winter Carnival in Quebec City, the world’s snow…


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No more St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival [VIDEO]

The St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival will be no more.

Prime Minister Allan Chastanet has announced the festival, which has drawn visitors from all over the world to the Eastern Caribbean island for the past 25 years, has been scrapped because the $14 million price tag for the two-week event was just too much.

The well-known event is…


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5 Reasons to go to Jamaica Carnival in 2017

1. It is the perfect cure for Post Carnival Depression. Are you having dreams of putting on a costume and meeting the band, do you have Private Ryan’s mix on repeat and does the temperature outside make you feel to cry every time you think of the hot sunny days in Trinidad? Have no fear with Jamaica Carnival 2 months after Trinidad carnival, you can relive the Carnival experience all over again.…



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Ponce Carnival in Puerto Rico [VIDEO]

The Ponce Carnival (Carnaval de Ponce or Carnaval Ponceño, in Spanish) is an annual week-long celebration. There are parades with wildly decorated floats, crazy costumed people, lots of music, loads of spectators, and merriment.

Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it is derived from the old world tradition of a final celebration before the beginning of Lent. But over time, it has transformed into a…


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15 Quick Facts about St. Lucia Carnival

1. This is a two day jump much like Trinidad.

2. However on Monday revellers come out in FULL costume.

3. Monday wear, what is that?

4. The route is LONG. Ready yourself.

5. Trust me you need stamina pon stamina.…



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Some Ideas for New Year's Eve in the Caribbean

The biggest party of the year, New Year's Eve is a rocking good time in the Caribbean. Take your pick from champagne toasts on the beach and fine dining in elegant hotels to spectacular fireworks that light up the skies at midnight. Put your party hat on and check out the funkiest spots to usher out the old and ring…


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10 Things Your Jamaican Parents Have Done/Said To Discipline You

Jamaican parents are a breed like no other. They are the beauty and bane of their children’s existence. Their children often can’t live with them, but also can’t live without them, because for all the boofs and koofs they dole out, there are often equal or greater portions of care, concern and good, old-fashioned family love. If you did a survey of Jamaican-raised persons, you would almost certainly find that all of them have heard the phrases listed…


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Advice to keep your Carnival Body through Holiday Season

With so many delectable dishes to choose from, it’s hard to say no to an extra helping of your favourite foods this Christmas. An extra pastelle here and a few glasses of ponche de crème there couldn’t possibly do any harm, right? Wrong. Keeping in control and watching your portions is what you’ll have to do if you don’t want to pack on extra pounds during the holidays. 

And, if you’re already battling with…


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The First Monday-only Trinidad Mas Band


Carnival Monday will never be the same. This according to Jesus Douglas of Caribbean Beauties (CB), a social media behemoth which has rapidly grown to fame in just 2.5 years. Jesus made the statement at the launch of the newest Mas Band to hit the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival scene at the Hyatt Regency on Monday evening. Aptly dubbed Mondayness, the band offers a one-day-only Mondaywear Mas experience – the first…


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Martinique Carnival and its Sexual Freedom [VIDEO]

While carnivalists in Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and other parts of the Caribbean are nursing hangovers, Martinique will be in full swing as they will be beginning the final and most exciting day of their celebrations as the Carnival runs an extra 24 hours.

As if this was not enough about three weeks into Lent, the island comes up with a dawn-to-dusk reprise of Carnival in miniature, an official holiday known as…


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5 Reasons why Trinidad is the best Carnival on Earth

Don’t tell Brazil, but Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is the single greatest festival on earth. There, soca subs for samba, beverages are bottomless and showcasing your worst behavior is celebrated (though whatever happens stays safely within the confines of Carnival).

The history of this pre-Lenten…


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A Guide how to deal with your Ex on Carnival

Carnival! The most wonderful time of year! Friends, family and acquaintances unite, and blissfully fete for days and nights on end, creating a slew of wonderful memories that culminate in the greatest show on earth.  We wait all year to enjoy the latest soca hits, throw on our sexiest outfits, link up with our besties, and of course, show off our hard work in the gym Monday and Tuesday.  What could possibly go wrong?  What could possibly interrupt this…


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Have you ever seen the Aruba Carnival? [VIDEO]

You have not lived until you have experienced the spirit of Carnival as it is celebrated in Aruba! Carnival means weeks of events that bring you colorfully decorated floats, contagiously throbbing music, luxuriously costumed groups of celebrants of all ages, King & Queen elections, electrifying jump ups and torch light parades that wind their way through the streets at night, the Jouvert morning: the Children's Parades and finally the Grand…


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Let's show Cuba some Carnival Love [VIDEO]

Whether they are called carnavales, charangas or parrandas, large public celebrations dating at least (in Santiago de Cuba) as far back as the 17th century are common throughout Cuba. However, among Cubans, the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba enjoys a special status.

The history of Carnival in Cuba has been nuanced by a wide variety of interests and influences. Based on a Herskovitsian retention model, a…


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Heating you up for St. Lucia Carnival [VIDEO]

Pumping rhythms, sexy costumes and the people dancing under the warm Caribbean sun; welcome to Saint Lucia Carnival! Almost on the heels of the annual Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, Saint Lucia’s cultural landscape morphs into a flurry of chrome plated steel drums, feathers, and beads. No matter where you are or who you are, Saint Lucia Carnival is something to behold.

In the months, weeks and hours leading up…


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Is the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival returning in 2017

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival, formerly known as  Air Jamaica Jazz and BluesFestival, will not be held in 2016, the event’s website states that the festival is postponed until 2017.

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival will return in time to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary.…


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